Specialty Units

Special Response Team-  The Giles County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team (S.R.T.) is comprised of deputies and town officers.  SRT operators are trained in crisis response, search warrant execution, woodland search, hostage negotiation, as well as other emergency situations.  SRT operators stand ready to respond to any emergency incident in the county at a moments notice.

Crime Scene Investigation-  The Giles County Sheriff's Office has personnel trained in the detection, collection, and preservation of evidence.  The use of forensic tools and techniques has assisted with solving multiple crimes in Giles County throughout the years.

Giles County Drug Task Force-  The Giles County Drug Task Force is made up of officers and deputies from the Giles County Sheriff's Office, Pearisburg Police Department, Pembroke Police Department, Narrows Police Department, Rich Creek Police Department, Glen Lyn Police Department, and the Virginia State Police.  The task force mission is to collaborate efforts among all agencies to help eliminate illegal narcotics trafficking and drug activity in Giles County.  The Giles County Drug Task Force implements several methods to incarcerate drug dealers and seize items related to the distribution of drugs.  Please refer to the tips page on this site if you have any information regarding drug activity in Giles County.