Administration-  The adminstrative division oversees all Sheriff's Office operations.  The administrative division welcomes comments from the public and strives to ensure professionalism and integrity through each Sheriff's Office service.

Administrative Staff:

Sheriff W. Morgan Millirons
Maj. Mike Falls
Capt. Joe Shanks
Secretary Kelly McCroskey
Secretary Pepper Fields

Civil Process and Court Security
-  The civil process division is responsible for serving legal papers to citizens of Giles County.  The Court Security division is responsible for providing security during General District and Circuit Court proceedings.

Civil Process and Court Security Staff:

Lt. Timmy Hutchison
Dep. Melvin Dalton
Dep. Allen Dale Williams
Dep. Jeff Mullins
Dep. Billy Cardwell
Dep. Jerry Gautier

Patrol-  The patrol division provides 24-hour proactive patrol to citizens of Giles County.  The patrol division answers emergency and non-emergency calls, enforces traffic laws, assists stranded motorists, as well as providing many more services.

Patrol Staff:

Lt. Andy Metro
Sgt. Bryan Hughes
Sgt. Chad Tickle
Dep. Stacy Gillispie
Dep. Steven Hutchison
Dep. JJ Johnson
Dep. Jason Tickle
Dep. Stacy Vaughn
Dep. Zach Collins
Dep. Amanda Hahnlen
Dep. Josh Bowers

Investigations-  The investigations division investigates criminal matters ranging from drug offenses to homicide.

Investigations Staff:

Lt. Eric Thwaites
Lt. Tommy Gautier
Sgt. Scott Moye
Sgt. Mason Boggess

School Resource Officers-  School resource officers (SRO) provide security at all Giles County Public Schools.  SROs also provide educational programs to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.


Sgt. Chris Neice (Eastern Elementary School)
Dep. Leon Billos (Narrows Elemntary School)
Dep. Teddy Vaughn (Macy McClaugherty Elementary School)
Dep. Jon Bowman (Narrows High School)
Dep. Mark Wilburn (Giles High School)

Animal Control-  The animal control division answers all complaints involving domestic animals.  They work closely with the Giles County Animal Shelter to provide shelter for the animals and assist with adoption.

Animal Control Staff:

Dep. Jeff Spicer
Dep. Frank Gough

Communications-  The communications division is the hub of all Sheriff's Office operations.  Emergency and non-emergency calls are dispatched through the Giles County E-911 center by communications officers.  Giles County Sheriff's Office communications personnel are responsible for dispatching all Giles County fire, rescue, and law enforcement personnel.

Communications Staff:

E 9-1-1 Coordinator John Davis
C.O. Gabe Caldwell
C.O. Jessica Blankenship
C.O. Toni Dennis
C.O. Thomas Lee
C.O. Steve Davis
C.O. T.J. Atkins
C.O. Garrison Ellis
C.O. Kayla Keffer

Inmate Work Crew-  The Giles County inmate work crew is a program founded by Sheriff Millirons to provide inmate labor to help beautify and maintain the county.  Giles county inmates assist with duties such as painting, mowing, landscaping, and building repairs.

Dep. Leon Meredith
Dep. Timmy Vaughn